Laboratorio Aperto Piacenza, with the support of the City of Piacenza, opens this international call for startup to select 10 European startups operating in the logistics sector to participate in Piacenza City Logistics Camp, a 2-day bootcamp that will take place in Piacenza on 21st and 22nd June, 2022.

At Italy’s most important crossroads, Piacenza is an area with a strong logistics vocation, in a central position in relation to Milan, Genoa, Verona and Bologna. Its logistic centers host some of the biggest companies in the sector and more than 7600 employees, and its unceasing growth brings with it challenges and opportunities.

This initiative aims to bring together startups, companies operating in Piacenza area at local level, as well as public administrations and other relevant stakeholders. This with the objective of facilitating new synergies and stimulating the identification of new solutions contributing to enhance city logistics at local level.

In particular, we are looking forward to receiving application from startups innovating the city logistics sector through:

  • new products, services and business models
  • new governance models
  • technological innovations for sustainability and impact
  • solutions for a post-COVID 19 scenario
  • solutions for e-commerce logistics, with particular attention to the last mile

Laboratorio Aperto will select up to 10 most viable and innovative European startups.

We will cover travel and full board accommodation costs for one representative for each proponent. All other representatives will be invited to join the event at their own expense. Alternatively, the selected startups will have the opportunity to participate remotely.

The Piacenza City Logistics Camp will be a place filled by workshops and activities around the topics and methodologies that will help the participants:

  1. To focus on the national and international context in the field of city logistics with insights into the target market of each startup
  2. to analyze patterns of finance, crowdfunding and EU funds
  3. to match with potential partners and talents
  4. to be able to present their projects to potential investors and enterprises.


What you get

  • New business contacts
  • A high-quality corporate training
  • Ideas from peers and established companies
  • Support from great testimonials and mentors
  • Inspiration from one of the most important ecosystems for logistics in Italy

How to apply

To submit your application, please fill the webform available at the following link:

Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, 13th June 2022 at 6 p.m. CET.

Please feel free to contact us for any question you might have at the following e-mail address:

Assessment and selection process

The assessment and selection of the ideas will be carried out by a Scientific Committee made up of representatives of Laboratorio Aperto Piacenza, City of Piacenza alongside with a panel of representative of each partner of the project and renowned experts in the fields to be assessed.

The assessment will be carried out according to the 4 following criteria:

COHERENCE – The focus of your startup and the sector within which you are operating must be coherent with the theme of the call

INNOVATIVENESS – Your product or service must represent a new paradigm in the city logistics sector and have the potential to be impactful in the local context

COLLABORATION – Your business must be suitable for collaborative relationships and potential partnerships with companies operating in Piacenza area at local level, as well as public administrations and other relevant stakeholders

INTERNATIONAL RELEVANCE – Your business must be relevant beyond your local community and be ready to potentially operate in a variety of contexts at international level.



This international call for startup is launched by Laboratorio Aperto Piacenza in collaboration with the City of Piacenza, Fondazione ITL and Open Marketplace.